3 Tracks from Thin Lizzy,s first album.Phil Linnot,one of Ireland,s banana boys,(barnardos), from the sixties.
The Friendly Ranger At Clontaf Castle.wa[...]
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Honestly Is My Only Excuse.wav
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Diddy Levine.wav
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Took my bike for a spin today.Had a few nerves about it for a while, but got round to it.I got to say,,,amazing,,

might be able to get away in the summer.S






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For sale

 I am selling my business,s  mainly due to blacklisting problems messing up the finances,and I am finding to expensive to maintain.It includes internet property, state of the art digital studios, offices,instruments and much more, including websites and valueable domains.

Additionally a ground floor property.of good size,valued by Foxtons at  £250,000-£300,000.

I am considerring offers, 

I am director of the business,s running currently under two companies, hamishmac.co.uk and hamishmacRecords.co.uk.

Self employed, and not under any restrictions .


Anyone interested  who would like to look closer please contact me.




Another of my sites, social networking,Also accessable at http://Sovereignwarriors.co.uk

Buy back your birth right and be free.

This new site idea is worth looking at .


Take Look !

A professional studio option.

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