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My defence case has attracted 150-200,000 visits in the last 10 months, delivered for inspection to the crown prosecution services.Albeit they were aware of the case.

I have now written its conclusion, and arrived at the point of the exercise, if interested in this update article click the link.

                                        Hamish Defence Case.


My internet bill is over £8,000 a year.So I am hoping some of my vistors can get me some records sold. I dont want to go bankrupt.

Try a wholesale purchase and flog em at festivals or something ?

If you want to do a wholesale purchase email me at hm@bobdylan.uk and state a deal for a quantity.

I have openned pages tp promote these three artists.




I have now set up a Book Publishing company.If interested keep an  eye open on my linkspage.Very cheap ebook ,paperback kindle/amazon and private global distribution.

Do What Happens Album



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