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I have linked the festival to my site, so check out my pages if you visit the link, and the festival.


Buy your birth right back  and be free.

This new  site idea  is worth looking at. https://sovereignwarriors.ning.com 

 I am redesigning my other site https://InformationHighway.net asnwell,take a look.I also have added a Disqus.com blog as I have to this site. hope some can use it for discusion, comment.



I have set up a book publishing service, cheap ebook, papaerback,amazon,kindle&private global distribution.Keep an eye open on linkspage.





My internet bill is over £8,000 a year.So I am hoping some of my vistors can get me some records sold. I dont want to go bankrupt.

Try a wholesale purchase and flog em at festivals or something ?

If you want to do a wholesale purchase email me at hm@bobdylan.uk and state a deal for a quantity.

I have openned pages tp promote these three artists.













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