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I am sometimes asked how I got my sound together.I used a stratacaster,a basic keyboard and a 5 bass,tuned from low to high, E.A.D.G.B.  Also a Zoom rythym and effects.

I recorded on a Tascam 540,using the old data disks, to stereo output jacks onto a minidisc, AAC format, high bit rate.

All the work was for demo reasons with a view to something bigger later on and therefore no attention was paid to tuning and quality.

The meaning I had in mind ? Time and Music.Freedom is its message.

The YouTube link above is mp3 format,

80 mins of Sound and Light, heavier into 2nd half.


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Circles by Hamishmac
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Hamishmac - Circles - 01 CirclesI.mp3
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I will be working on the site in the coming days and it will be offline from time to  time.

Many of the links will not be working yet, I will be resetting or replacing them.

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