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At the above link a hard copy of my cd

"Do What happens" is available to purchase.

It is also available at Amazon.com.



I have re-introduced this Hamishites  social network site where you can blog, post photos , discussion etc.


The Hamishmac.Livejournal.com link can  still be used for Music Talk and comments.



A new page added.Things can get Political here on these Links.My politics are explained if you trawl through the links enough.

To this effect I would like to introduce some sort of disclaimer that I need to be approached  for infromation of any kind.Anything that I know  is available on my links or on the internet.Therefore I do not need to be approached.Transparent situation.


Go  to Testimonials and News Pages to see tthe latest comments.!


Gravity "Particle" Delivered !

See my new movie YOUTUBE link on Music/Movies page.

its all there.You just got to see this guy ( scientist) deliver stuff  on the subject.It is not too obvious, but this is the Unified Field tTheory jigsaw puzzle completed,if the gravity concept is right.


The latest posts on indexoffence link underneath have got to be extremely interesting.Check it.









Dont forget the possibillity of getting yourselves a a socially interactive experience for discussion etc on the  Hamishites Network Site I have offerred .I will chip in to discussion with you if you want.

My Album is still available to listen to or download/buy at the link above .It is in digital format here,"Do What Happens".Also on this page are my other 4 albums and a free one.

My Blog can be accessed for comment etc at the link on the left,"Talk and Comment" link.



II have put a video clip from YouTube on the Movies Page.What do you think?

The latest YouTube Vdeo is a Mindblower.Must see.


On the button below is the Link to my Ning Social Networking site.You can access a password for this Hamishites Network Site.





.................... are outlined in the link below.

A Political prisonner for 39 years.



Welcome to my new website!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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Cool radio station.


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Richmond. London.UK


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My Music,talk/comment page is still available at the above link.




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