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 I have put another buying option below in to make some money to pay for my websites.You can listen free on the YouTube link below and other places if you wish.ption to make some money

Do What Happens Album

I am building a new site for Information connections.Keep an eye on it below.


Dont forget to look at the new links and articles. Also my new informationhighway.net site, which is in the process of being built.

I have added a few new YouTube videos on the movies link.Also some interesting new  articles on the links page.Much of this is related to current physics.


The couple of domains I have bought below are a good acquisition.Comments as to what to do with them ?.


I have made big design changes to all my livejournal pages and Links.Take a look.



  I have finished promoting my album.I have  a great new design, The solar eclipse just gone ,,in technicolour.My CD is  available through worldwide distribution channels.At, Amazon,iTunes, Spotify Deezer,.CD Baby,  Ebay ,Bandcamp,Createspace,HMV, etc


  For a Flac copy or CD      http://hamishmac.bandcamp.com.My Bandcamp Shop offers  a +Digital download ( Flac or mp3,+ other) when you buy the CD , so it is best option .I am not sure if the cdbaby store or Amazon are doing the same. Ebay is not.

 For a 320 mp3  or CD go to http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/hamishmac    


Check out  My New War Page.Link above.


Use theYoutube link to access my new release free of charge.

You can buy it if you wish.


I have put my first and only serious comment on the subject of music  on The News Page.. Give it some feed back and comment on the Music Talk , Talk and Comment page.


New You Tube Link To My Album

Click the Photo Above for another      

option.My new Shop.






There is quite a lot going on if you explore the site.A Socieal Ning network with blogs & forum etc. Numerous new links to pages of interest, digital album dowload and free stuff from my cloud storage.

Selected youtube videos of interes and discussion material.

My music talk page and comments.

Photgraph galleries.


If you like this website, consider making your own.This is what I did here from a package from www.1and1.co.uk.A easy,ish do it yourself option ,put together from

  tenplates.The package cost about £10-£15 a month .Of course you will need a domain Name first.They will sell that as well , about £ 12 a year.















 Get yourselves a a socially interactive experience for discussion,forum,blogs  etc  On  Hamishites Network Site .





I      Selected YouTube videos  on the

                         Movies Page.

                 Mindblowers.Must see.








http://app.musicradio.com/chill/radio/player/               I will launch a Radio Station from:

http://Chillfm.co.uk http://Chillfm.uk

               When get time,from these domains,

                      which are now mine.

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Soul and Jazz Station

Cool radio station.


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Richmond. London.UK


My albums on the link at bottom of Home Page




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My Music,talk/comment page is still available at the above link.




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