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I  recommended the 2 Mike Chadwick shows on,click the link.


Can download in lossless the last 2 years shows,with subscription (cost £7.50 a month).It promises to be an oasis of cutting edge sounds for your collection.The shows that he hosts on souland jazz.com are called "The European Jazz Union", and "Saturday night Experience".Free as  well








"Do What Happens" is best selection of tracks from the other albums.You can listen to it on the youtube link ,homepage.






This is a link to my music class !

This is another photo of me.I am introducing a comments link here so feel free to  click this link to add your own inputs.You should get a livejournal.com user account ( free) and add itr to Friends option to this link page.

Richard Dadd and "The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke".It is his life,s work over many years in a lunatic asylum where he eventually died of tuberculosis in 1886.

He was detained in Bethlam for 20 years and then Broadmoor for another 19 years where he died. It took10 years to complete this painting.The painting was stolen by The superintendant of the lunatic asylum , whose nick name in those days was "the fairy feller".It was discoverred 150 years later.A masterpeice.

Click Here. Psychiatry Articles.

Do What Happens Album

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