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My advice?.....Stay away from politics.


The Folk Music Movement.


All music is delivered in time.That means ,Today . It  reflects the Times ,, from Tchaikoskvy , Beethoven, Bach and Motzart. It is simply pereserved, put on ice and becomes classical.

It is no differrant today .With Bob Dylan, Joan Baez,Pink Floyd and Hendrix.Folk music of the times.It has also now become classical renaissance music.

The masters of Folk Music are said to be the Irish. As with songs as, "sailors lost at sea "and "prisoners never set free",  and much more. If the Dubliners are not enough ,try to Spotify or Deezer ,Gordon Lightfoots renderring of " Bitter Green" Irish folk music is death defying stuff compared to the fleeting glory of the drug movements folk music effort.

 As Led Zeppellin said "The song remains the same".And for that ,the irish are hard to beat with their folk music, as my brother has rightly told me.

So what I am getting at, as are many others of you, musicians and folk people , is this. Where is todays music ? By definition it cannot lie in the past.

You are not going to find todays music down the London Symphony Orchestra street.Nor The Berlin Philamonic Orchestras road..I met the Rubensteins.You are not going to find it there either..You have a lot more chance finding it from  the washer woman down the launderette, or the car park attendant with the blues .You might not find it there either.


Some people are saying that Music is Dead.

Does Fruity Loops and Cubase deliver ?Is there any Folk delivery?.Music That answers the problems of today ?

Does the Song remain the same.Where is the Music.?


Has anybody got an answer to this big music question ?

Art in general.  ? ?

 The newer generations have many very good musicians.Lookingb as a good example. New Yorks delivery of the rock orchestra "Snarky Puppy", also their recent work with the Metropole Orchestra.

Could you call this equivalent to past music ?  Could you call it a folk music movement ?

Its great stuff and I enjoy it very much. But It has stunted growth built into it.I think it is a silicon chip music.

So I am not convinced that the New age has any music.

Again , what do other people think.?







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