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<< Dr.Michael Wolf died in 2002. Inteligent source of information.Very highly placed in the American Shadow government .Author of the must read trilogy , "Catchers of Heaven".Available on Amazon, paperback or hard back second hand copies.It is worth noting that Wolf presented this trilogy as a work of fiction due to the requirements of the US government.But it can be assumed that much is based on fact.You will not find it in digital format.( iy would be in Spanish but not in English).

There is a link above to a site with lnks and information in connection to him.Below is an interview which is one in a series of four, that are available on Youtube.further Youtube  videos can also be found.Remembering that this is 15 years ago, and not a speck in the ocean to what has since surfaced. 

I put in another link asked for by a contact so as to get him linked to my page on the subject matter.

The revolution has began in terms of an information explosion that has occurred on the internet, particularly Youtube.It is irreversable and "The Full Disclosure Movement" has moved full steam ahead.things are never bgoing to be the same again on this planet.It has irreversably changed mankind.It might cause considerable chaos and breakdown, but the alternative to leaving half trutths in the air ,they say would be worse.I amouting little bits of ET and Super Technology/Science info up, but obviously if you want to dive into the search engine and youtube search, It will take you too levels unimagineable to waht was previously accepted.Its looking like the peolple will take back some self control from the elite, who are looking like  a lost cause.

My advice with much of the information arrived at through telepathic means with ET, by inteligence and other depts, is not to accept it as gospel.

This youtube video that I have pasted below is avery interesting bit of human engineering from patented knowledge from quite a long time ago, which resulted in us developing technology for incredible flying craft that could exceed the speed of light..This really does show that our species have capabillities on a level with ET , in our own right, without back engineering their technology.

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