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Live-In Music Production.


I have recently completed a live-in Studio Flat for music production.It is fully equiped to deliver all the way to distribution,world wide, from concept to finished product.It is for musicians and technicians with the the skills to use the equipment,instruments and digital production tools supplied.

 A private rent of this facility with your key to the door.It is suitable live

-in for 2-3 on a daily basis, especially if they are travelling from a distance.The studio is in the Richmond area.

Digital services also.All equipment  suplied for production from start to finish.The latest DAW and VST instruments ,Cubase Pro 10, software,plugins,soft and hard synths, I have a range of synthesisers,keyboards,guitars,percusiion,soft and hard,monitors,TV,s etc that are available for your work.Fastest Internet.Video as well.

Work out a deal for yourself  if you want to use this facility,or rent the studio.

If you would like further information email me at,


                                     Office Space

This facility can also be hired as a single room,private online office space,

Secure connections/facilities,computers,printer,safes,.hardware/office software etc..Contact me.



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Located at;

Richmond. London.UK


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