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     Welcome to My War Page.

I am fighting a defence case in  and am posting the updated material on the link below.I am introducing it directly bto this site to add tRansparancy, whereby the threat against me is decreased.

At the same time I am promoting my music, which is the main priority.


Do What Happens Album

I have bought up

some Information Highway. domains.








www.hamishmacinformationhighway.co.uk ,,,com,,,org ....net............................. & More


I will direct traffic  to my site from  saerch engines and set up some Information http sites.

I have finally managed to do all the technical work to launch an Album world wide, in all the major retail outlets.CD and Digitral.I have usd my own product codes and ,signed on to a PRS to collect my Royalties  . I also have my own label and my own Record Company,HamishmacRecords.co.uk .

I have my own Public relations and Advertizing faculties.,and Websites.

I  have a completely independant sole trading-music-business=Breakaway  phenomenum.


Do What Happens .Google it.Find it anywhere.

I thought this was a good choice of Titles,to Launch my Project.

I Recommend my page here.Bible Knowledge and Metaphysics.


Of interest:

Soul and Jazz Station

Cool radio station.


Located at;

Richmond. London.UK


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